Select a manufacturer for warranty information:

Click here for more information about returns and shipment concerns.

To begin an RMA request, please go here.



Please Note: **Streakwave Wireless, Inc. facilitates the return of defective items to the manufacturer according to manufacturer's policies. Streakwave is not responsible for any return or warranty actions taken by the manufacturer.

Go to My Orders under My Account. Select the order containing the item(s) to be returned. Complete the form and submit. For any questions, please contact



**Cambium Networks handles all RMA’s directly.

For RMA’s please follow the following:

Online via Support Portal:

Go to the You will need to create a Single Sign On (SSO) account login and then a ticket can easily be opened. Once logged into your account, click on the "Submit a Request" button in the upper right hand corner and you will be provided a drop down menu to start the process. Refer to this video for additional assistance on opening tickets.

Call the Cambium Technical Assistance Center:

Call our Cambium TAC via one of the many worldwide numbers. Toll free numbers for calling the Cambium TAC can be found by going to and clicking on "contact."



**Digital Loggers handles all RMA’s directly.

Call (408) 588-1110 ext 133 to get a RMA #.

Or send an email directly to:



Edimax requires a support ticket for all warranty issues:

Please fill out this form for all RMA requests Edimax RMA Request.



**EnGenius handles all RMA’s directly.

EnGenius Technologies, Inc. (USA)
1580 Scenic Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Toll Free: 888-735-7888 EXT 815
Tel: 714-432-8668 EXT 815
Fax: 714-432-8667

What information will be required?

  • Serial Number
  • Product Part Number
  • Detailed description of the problem

Submit the EnGenius RMA here



Grandstream requires a support ticket for all warranty issues:

Please contact Grandstream Support to obtain your support ticket.

Once they have issued you a support ticket, please complete our Streakwave RMA web-form including the support ticket number and we will be able to help facilitate the warranty request. To view Grandstream's warranty document, click here.



**IT ELITE handles all RMA’s directly.

For the online RMA form or for further assistance please email



**Streakwave Wireless, Inc. facilitates the return of defective items to the manufacturer.

To Process: Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out our online RMA form here
  2. Streakwave will then contact Laird on behalf of the customer, requesting RMA #
  3. Direct RMA # from Laird will be sent to customer. Customer will ship defective item directly to Laird’s return department. (Address will be provided on a per return basis) Product is inspected and either repaired or replaced according to Laird’s standard WARRANTY policy



**Ligowave handles all RMA’s directly.

To initiate an RMA you will need to login to the LigoWave ticketing system. The address is If you don’t have an account, type your e-mail address and click on register to create an account.


Ligowave Helpdesk

Once you are logged into the LigoWave support page, click on the RMA tab at the top of the screen and then on new RMA.

You must have the serial number for each radio to proceed. Enter the information for each radio one at a time. Be sure to select the correct selection from the reason for return dropdown menu . If choosing other, enter a detailed description of the problem. It is also helpful to enter any troubleshooting that has been done as well as any other information that will be helpful for the repair. After each radio has been entered click on add product to the RMA button to enter the next radio. Click on finished adding products when you have added your last radio.

Select the location where you purchased your equipment and click on select processing center. USA will be the selection for most users.

Enter the return address and click on submit RMA to complete the process.

Once complete, you will receive an RMA number and the address where to ship your device(s) for repair.

If you click on the RMA tab, you will see the all of your RMA(s) and their current status. The status of your RMA will go from processing to complete once finished.

All refunds will be credited at lesser of current market value or purchase price. All returns for credit are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Note that shipping costs are not refundable.

Products will not be accepted for return, whether for exchange or credit, unless prior authorization is obtained. Returns for credit must be received within 30 days of the original invoice date. Beyond this period, product may only be exchanged if currently under warranty. After 30 days from the original invoice date, most products must be exchanged with the manufacturer. Please contact a LigoWave Wireless representative or consult the product listings on our website for further warranty information.

All products must be returned in their original packaging with all software, power units, cabling and other items intact, or else will not be able to be returned for credit. Advance replacement RMA's will be charged accordingly if returned without above items.

Some products are supported directly through the manufacturer and must be returned accordingly.

RMA numbers are valid for a maximum of 15 days.

When returning an item, it is important that you return it with all accessories, manuals, cables, etc., in order to receive a credit or exchange unless other specified. Items returned without all accessories or items which are defaced will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee.

Please package your return item in a shipping box with appropriate packaging. If you are not sure how to package an item for safe shipping, please consult a local shipping company or a LigoWave representative. Products being returned in an envelope or with insufficient packaging will be refused and your warranty will be voided.

Please place the RMA number on three sides of the outside of the shipping box before returning it to us. Please insure the return for the proper value amount. Failure to do so may void the warranty if damage occurs during shipment.

LigoWave's support page is your resource for all warranty information.

For customers outside the EU, please send all RMA packages to:

LigoWave Returns
138 Mountain Brook Dr
Canton, GA 30115

For customers inside the EU, please send all RMA packages to:

LigoWave Returns
Veiveriu 150 - IIIa.
46391 Kaunas



**MetaGeek handles all RMA’s directly.

Call 877-850-8152, toll-free (US) to get a RMA #

Or send an email directly to:



99% of all MikroTik boards that are returned for RMA are found to work properly upon inspection. Please make sure you verify the boards are defective before requesting an RMA. Products that are returned to MikroTik for warranty service and are classified as "No problem found" or when the problem could not be duplicated will generate a MikroTik assessed $50 per board inspection fee and the original product returned at owner's expense.

As a MikroTik Distributor Streakwave Wireless Inc will facilitate warranty returns to the manufacturer but does not provide any additional warranty coverage or exchange service for these products.

To reduce the possibility of the $50 per board "No problem found" inspection fee from being assessed a Technical Support Ticket with supporting documentation as provided by MikroTik will be required before a return authorization can be issued.

The MikroTik support policy and support request instructions are stated at

MikroTik Troubleshooting Tips:

If your router is running an older software version than the latest one which can be downloaded from Once upgrade to the latest version, then send the supout.rif file made after the upgrade.

If there are problems with a wireless connection.

  1. check that the antenna connector is connected to the 'main' antenna connector
  2. check that all screw connectors are tight
  3. check that there is no water or moisture in the cable and that there has never been water in the cable (replace the cable if needed)
  4. check that the default rate settings for the radio are being used (use '/system reset' as a final resort -- you must be connected to the console or have keyboard and monitor attached to the router)

Some things to check before returning an item:

  • MikroTik: Attempt a factory reset by holding the reset switch down for 10 seconds immediately after powering the device. Check for specific instructions for your particular device.



  • MikroTik: Make sure you are accessing the device from the non-PoE port. Many default configurations include firewalls that will make the unit invisible on the ether1 port for multi-port units.

Many RouterOS questions are already answered, please look at: - How To and Application Examples - Documentation - Search the user forum for help



**Mimosa handles their warranty returns directly.

Please contact or visit Mimosa Networks's RMA page for more information.


**Netonix will handle your warranty request directly.

Please reference Netonix manufacturer warranty service procedure:


  • Q. How do customers get their units repaired or replaced?

  • A. Please email: the following information:



Warranty or repair:


Forum name:



Address 1:

Address 2:

Address 3:



Postal Code:






Purchased from:

Date Purchased:




**Open-Mesh handles their warranty returns directly.

Updated 3/31/2014

Please use this link to find their online RMA submission: Open Mesh Warranty

Should you have any difficulty please feel free to contact us for assistance.



**PolyPhaser / Transtector handle all RMA’s direct.

For the online RMA form or for further assistance please go to



SAF's Return & Repair Procedure:

SAF provides a comprehensive product support service. To obtain assistance, a customer should see to first resolve all nonfunctioning products with SAF's support team, which may be contacted at <">SAF Support</">

For North American customers, standard hours are:

Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time (GMT-7hrs).

Shipping to SAF:

If the failure of a SAF manufactured product cannot be resolved remotely, it will be given a Return Materials Authorization ("RMA")number and should be returned to SAF by completing the RMA form at SAF RMA web-form and then shipping the nonfunctioning product in its orginal packaging (or packaging providing a similar level of protection) to one of the facilities below:

All North American customers should ship their products to:

SAF North America, LLC
3250 Quentin Street, Unit 128
Aurora, Colorado 80011
(720) 502-0728



Shireen’s Product Return Policy
If you are not fully satisfied with any product purchased from Shireen Inc. you may receive a prompt replacement or refund, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

IMPORTANT: Before returning any item for credit or under warranty repair, you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by filling out this RMA form. Products will not be accepted without an RMA number.

30 Day Guarantee: Shireen Inc. offers 30-day full satisfaction guaranteed to all customers. If you are not fully satisfied with the product you may be eligible for full refund or product replacement subject to the terms below:

1. Product was purchased from Shireen no more than 30-day prior to the return request.

2. All shipping charges associated with returned items are non-refundable.

3. Products are returned in their original condition along with any associated packaging, accessories, mounting hardware and manuals. Any discrepancy could result in a delay or partial forfeiture of your credit.

4. The product is not opened or tampered with.

Unfortunately Shireen cannot issue credits for:

1. Products not purchased from Shireen directly. If you purchased from a reseller or distributor you must contact them directly for return instructions.

2. Damaged items as a result of misuse, neglect, or improper environmental conditions.

3. Products purchased direct from Shireen more than 30 days prior to a product return request.

4. Products opened or tampered with.

To return any product under 1 year warranty for repair/replacement, follow the RMA procedure.

Terms of Sale
For more information about our products and terms of sale, please click here to download the PDF document.



**Teletronics handles all RMA’s directly

Please contact Teletronics directly:



**Tranzeo Wireless handles all RMA’s directly.

Who to contact for an RMA?

To discuss any technical difficulties and request an RMA #:

  1. Fill out the online RMA Request Form Click Here
  2. Or call the Tranzeo Technical Support Center at 604-460-6002

Warranty Info

1. Items covered by a 3 Year Labor / 5 Year Parts Warranty (total coverage 5 years from Tranzeo)

All Tranzeo Wireless CPE, AP and backhaul radio products sold after January 1st, 2008 are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from date of sale, under normal use.

During the first 3 years of ownership, should a valid warranty claim arise, Tranzeo will repair or replace the unit at no cost to the user.

After the first 3 years, Tranzeo will further warranty the material and workmanship for an additional 2 years. During the 4th and 5th years of the warranty, there shall be no charge for parts and the Tranzeo will charge the prevailing shop rate to repair the unit, to a maximum of 1/2 hour, should a valid warranty claim arise.



** Tycon Power Systems handles all RMA’s directly.

Who to Contact for an RMA?

There are 2 ways to discuss any technical difficulties and request an RMA #:

  1. Call our Technical Support Center at 801-432-0003
  2. Fill out the RMA Support/Request Form.



**Ubiquiti handles all RMA’s directly.

Some things to check before returning an item:

  • Ubiquiti: After the unit is booted, hold down the reset switch for 10 seconds to reset it to factory defaults. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to reconfigure it.

Effective immediately, customers will no longer be able to use paper RMA forms. All RMAs must be submitted digitally online here: