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    Transtector 1101-300-1 12V Silicon T1/E1 Protector

    Manufacturer: Transtector


    • Silicon surge protection for T1/E1 equipment
    • Transtector TSJ 48 CLT
    SKU: TRN-1101-300-1
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    The TSJ-48-CLT Surge Suppressor is a high-speed, high-current, solid-state device designed to protect equipment from transient over voltages on data lines. Continuous bi-polar, bi-directional, non-interrupting protection is provided. The TSJ-48-CLT automatically resets after each suppression function with no degradation of protection capabilities. This suppressor utilizes silicon junction avalanche suppressor diodes as its sole suppression technology. The unit is fused as required by UL 497A. At maximum power dissipation the suppressor will not exceed the maximum voltage protection level. It is housed inside a non-metallic enclosure with a U.L. fire rating of 94-5V. It attaches via two modular RJ48C receptacles of two (2) four position terminal blocks. It includes a ground stud that must be connected to system ground.
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