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    Streakwave Timeline


    Streakwave Timeline - a History of Continuous Growth

    CEO Carl Moberg founds Streakwave with the purpose of providing customers with the finest solutions in wireless networking.


    Streakwave purchases its corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the building houses executive offices, sales, corporate accounting, marketing, and a warehouse.


    Streakwave expands to Salt Lake City, UT to better serve its growing clientele of customers around the world. The Utah office is the home of sales offices, a training center, and a 30,000 square foot warehouse.


    Streakwave opens a location in Cincinnati, OH to reach its global customers faster and more efficiently. The Ohio office contains sales offices, a training center, and a 42,000 square foot warehouse.


    Streakwave diversifies with its expansion to South America. The offices in Curitiba-Parana, Brazil are home to a Portuguese-speaking staff working in sales, accounting, marketing, and engineering. The location also contains a warehouse to help the company quickly reach customers in South America.


    Streakwave wins the coveted WISPA Distributor of the Year Award for its unparalleled service to the Wireless Internet Service Provider industry.


    Streakwave begins holding product trainings at its centers in Utah and Ohio. The company has since certified thousands of students from around the globe.


    Streakwave expands to the far corners of the earth with its locations in Melbourne, Australia, and Canterbury, New Zealand. The expansion is a marker of the company's growing global reach and diverse customer base.


    Streakwave is awarded WISPA Distributor of the Year Award for the second time.
    Streakwave held the enormously successful client-vendor partner event Building Bridges at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, CA.


    Streakwave Ohio triples its warehouse size


    Streakwave is awarded WISPA Distributor of the Year Award for the third time.
    Streakwave Utah moves into a world class warehouse


    Streakwave Ohio expands its warehouse for the second time in 3 years
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