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    McCown Technology Corporation 800-CAT6-TWR-PCB-1 Replacement PCB for CAT6-TWR-PCB

    • Compatible with all types of POE
    • 8 Individual Ethernet Circuit Protection
    • Individual Field Replacable Modules
    • Shielded RJ45 Jacks
    • Gas Discharge Tube Protection

    SKU: MCC-800-CAT6-TWR-PCB-1
    Ohio : 5
    Utah : 4
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    Outdoor Tower/Wall Mount 100% Gas Discharge Tube 8 Circuit Ethernet Surge Protector

    Protect up to 8 CAT5/c circuits with one device.

    This multi line protector is designed for outdoor use. It is suitable for tower or wall mounting.

    This device is designed to protect equipment such as APs and SMs installed at NOCs or tower sites where a number of devices are colocated.

    This 100% Gas Discharge Tube version has the least amount of loading of all of our surge suppression products. While slightly slower than our other solid state products it is more robust to ground sourced noise. If CRC errors or Frame Check errors are being caused by a solid state surge suppressor this device will cure that problem when swapped for the solid state device.

    Grounded and bonded shielded RJ45 jacks provide grounds to shielded plugs.

    Individual surge suppression modules can be replaced.

    Outdoor 10/100/1000 Mbps CAT6 TWR Ethernet Surge Suppressor Replacement PCB. No housing.

    Both solid state surge components as well as a Gas Discharge Tube allow it to protect CAT5/6 circuits like no other

    Outdoor mount CAT6 TWR surge suppressor – protector. The circuit is similar to proven and popular 444SS suppression circuit and is identical to the CAT6-APC in design.

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