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    Cradlepoint BHD5-600C150M-AN NetCloud SOHO Ruggedized Branch 5yr IBR600C+Adv+AT&T

    Manufacturer: CradlePoint

    • • LTE
    • • Metal
    • • 1x GbE, 1x FE
    • • 1x USB Port
    • • AT&T

    SKU: CRA-BHD5-600C150M-AN
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    This product is : Non Returnable

    5-year NetCloud SOHO Ruggedized Branch Essentials Plan, Advanced Plan, and IBR600C router with WiFi (150 Mbps modem) with AT&T SIM inserted, North America

    The Cradlepoint IBR600C Series Router for IoT networks is a semi-ruggedized, cloud­managed LTE router, built for IoT and M2M applications. They provide a resilient. LTE connection ideal for use in high-availability, portable, or fixed uses. The IBR600C Series is available with IoT NetCloud Service Plans, which provide features optimized for each unique deployment.

    When coupled with the NetCloud IoT service plan, the IBR600C router provides a compact semi-ruggedized 4G LTE router solution or connecting and protecting IoT devices at scale. It is ideal for use in high-availability portable or fixed applications such as surveillance cameras, digital signs. oil and gas monitoring, and parallel networking. Wi h an extensive list of features. it can be confidently deployed in the field, in buildings, or in embedded systems to deliver complete visibility, security, and control of connected devices anywhere.

    For organization requiring robust connectivity for IoT network -with installed routers numbering from hundreds to many thousands - Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service for IoT with the IBR600C router provides a comprehensive cloud managed network solution. When coupled with advanced IoT features. it provides troubleshooting and diagnostics with in-band and out-of-band management, extensive analytics and insights, and extensibility and integrations such as Microsoft Azure IoT Central. Cradlepoint's NetCloud­ managed IoT endpoints can be rapidly deployed and easily scaled to accommodate he diverse requirements of organizations.

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