Course Overview

Cambium's PMP 450 Certification course will cover RF principles, GPS sync, installation procedures, initial deployment, and configuration. Next students will walk through the graphical user interface to learn in greater detail functions of QoS, networking, and various security setup parameters. Students will learn fundamentals of proper sizing of a PMP 450, 450i, and 450m network including such topics as link budgets, network capacity, and RF coverage basics. Finally, tools and troubleshooting will be discussed prior to the certification exam.

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Course Outline

  • Solution Overview
    • System Architecture & Components
    • Product Specs
  • RF Technology Principles
    • Understanding RF Fundamentals
    • Understanding RF Scheduler & Synchronization
  • Hardware Installation
    • Installation Best Practices
    • AP and STA Unboxing & Pole Mounting (Class Lab)
  • Basic Configuration for Quick Initial Deployment
    • Individual Lab 1 Exercise - PMP 450 Test Station Setup


  • In-Depth Feature & Configuration Topics
    • NAT
    • Protocol & Port Filtering
    • PPPoE
    • VLAN & Q-in-Q
    • QoS & SLA
    • Security
  • Network Build Out
    • Planning
    • Link Budget & Network Capacity Planning (Lab)
  • Management & Upgrade Using cnMaestro & CNUT


  • New Features
  • Wrap-up
    • Product Roadmap Presentation
  • Certification Exam