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With an ever-changing landscape in small and medium business (SMB), enterprise wireless local access networks (WLAN) and associated applications are in increasing demand.

Ease of access to corporate data, documents, media, and information is vital and must be accessible from just about anywhere and in a secure manner. Lawyers, doctors and other professional’s offices as well as other SMB’s, including hot spot providers, require enterprise WLAN technologies to be secure, accessible, reliable and affordable.

People that utilize these networks demand the highest wireless connectivity and quality when connected as they would as if were connected via Ethernet.

However, indoor environments often pose unique challenges where consistent wireless connectivity is a requirement but remains a challenge. Steel, glass, concrete and other building materials can obstruct radio frequency (RF) signals, severely impacting the quality of service available to end users. Data connectivity can become degraded or even dropped altogether. In many cases, dead spots can exist within buildings that render wireless communications devices completely useless.

Overcoming these hurdles is often difficult, but not unattainable.

Service providers and systems integrators alike can perform detailed site surveys to determine optimal placement of equipment and utilize directional antennas and other devices to cover areas with low signal ensuring 100% connectivity and seamless roaming where required.

Streakwave offers products and solutions uniquely positioned to help service providers, systems integrators and other organizations design and build their enterprise local networks with the utmost confidence and reliability.

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