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    Veracity VHW-HW HIGHWIRE Ethernet over coax device

    Manufacturer: Veracity


    • Ethernet Over Video Cable Converter
    • Universal Power Input
    • BNC 75 ohms
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    Utah : 83
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    High-Speed Ethernet Over Coax Video Cable

    HIGHWIRE turns any analogue video cable into a high-speed network connection. This allows the replacement of analogue cameras with IP cameras without installation of any new cabling, which can save some 30-40% of the system cost.

    Universal connections for coax, network and power, with no user set-up required, make installation easy and fast.

    Long connection range

    HIGHWIRE can provide a full-duplex 100BASE-T network connection, with no bandwidth restrictions, over up to 500 metres (1650 feet) of RG-11 cable, or 280 metres (930 feet) of CCTV-grade RG-59 cable.

    Simply connect a single HIGHWIRE to each end of the coaxial cable, and the link will be established automatically with no configuration required.

    Transparent to the network

    The HIGHWIRE connection is invisible to Ethernet data and requires no MAC or IP address; to the camera the link looks like any other network cable.

    Speed, duplex and crossover are sensed on connection; no setting up is necessary.

    Universal power input

    HIGHWIRE can be powered by legacy 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt AC supplies. Connection is via a detachable screw terminal and the type and polarity of the supply are detected automatically.

    An optional power supply is available for installations with no legacy power.

    Practical installation

    With absolutely no setting-up or configuration required, installation is simple, and HIGHWIREs compact dimensions allow it to be mounted inside a camera housing.

    Optional wall-mounting brackets and a rack-mounting kit are available to suit the needs of each installation.

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