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UniFi Certified TrainingBecome an Ubiquiti Enterprise Certified Administrator (UEWA) at the Ubiquiti Training Academy brought to you by Streakwave Wireless. Gain valuable training with hands-on course material, up-to-date training, and foundational knowledge. See and use the latest equipment and gain expert knowledge that will enable you to use, sell, and install/configure Enterprise WLAN equipment and build out cost effective indoor and outdoor Wireless LANs using Ubiquiti UniFi equipment.

Course includes two days of firsthand knowledge and the ability to become a fully certified Ubiquiti UniFi Administrator. Those who complete the course, lab, and pass an examination will receive full certification and the right to bear the “UEWA” emblem on their website and use associated marketing materials. Space is limited so sign-up today to secure a seat in this highly demanded course.


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Day 1

Day 2

9am - 12pm
Training and Labs
9am - 12pm
Training and Labs
12pm - 1pm
Hosted Lunch
12pm - 1pm
Hosted Lunch
1pm -5pm
Training and Labs
1pm - 3pm
Training and Labs
  3pm - 5pm
Certification Exam

Training Content:

WLAN Fundamentals

  • Wave Properties
  • Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
  • Channel Operation
  • Regulatory Bodies & EIRP
  • WLAN Standards
  • Wireless Access Methods
  • Network Equipment
  • Lab: Install & Setup UniFi Controller

WLAN Planning

  • Application Overview
  • Wireless Technology Coverage and Channels
  • Cell Channel Assignments
  • Lab: Cell Size & Channel Availability
  • Noise
  • Lab: Constellation Charts & MCS Rates
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Lab: Calculate SNR and Signal %
  • Airtime, Capacity and Density Lab: Airtime, Capacity & Throughput
  • AP-Client Forecasting
  • Lab: Airtime, Capacity & Required UAPs
  • Mixed vs. Greenfield Networks
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Density


  • Site Surveys
  • Lab: Maps & Device Identification
  • Power-over-Ethernet (POE) & Wiring
  • Device Forecasting
  • Lab: UniFi Network Planner
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Lab: Spectral Analysis
  • Client WLAN Scanning
  • Lab: Client WLAN Software
  • Overlap
  • Minimum RSSI
  • Lab: Band-Steering & Minimum RSSI
  • Mounting UAPs
  • Benchmarking
  • Lab: Secure Shell Access
  • Lab: iPerf Benchmarking

Basic Adoption & Configuration

  • Multi-Site
  • Lab: Site Management
  • Device Discovery & Adoption
  • WLAN Groups
  • Service Set Identifiers
  • Security
  • Virtual LANs
  • User Bandwidth Groups
  • Zero-Handoff Roaming
  • Lab: Configure WLAN Groups


  • Statistics
  • Events, Alerts & Support

Advanced Management

  • Layer-3 Adoption
  • L3 Adoption via UniFi Discovery Tool
  • L3 Adoption via Secure Shell
  • Secure Shell Connection
  • L3 Adoption via DNS
  • Domain Name Service
  • L3 Adoption via DHCP Option
  • Dynamic Host Configuration
  • Protocol
  • Lab: Layer-3 Adoption
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Lab: UniFi Cloud
  • Wireless Uplink
  • Lab: Wireless Uplink

Guest Networks, Portal & Hotspot

  • Guest Policies and Access Controls
  • Guest Portal
  • Hotspot Manager & Vouchers
  • Payment Integration
  • Portal Customization
  • Lab: Guest Portal & Hotspot