Become an Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Administrator (UBWA) at the Ubiquiti Training Academy brought to you by Streakwave Wireless. Gain valuable training with hands-on course material, up-to-date training, and foundational knowledge. See and use speciality training equipment and gain expert knowledge that will enable you to use, sell, and install/configure Fixed Wireless equipment and build out a wireless communications system using Ubiquiti airMAX equipment.

Course includes two days of firsthand knowledge and the ability to become a fully certified Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Administrator. Those who complete the course, lab, and pass an examination will recieve full certification and the right to bear the "UBWA" emblem on their website and use associated marketing materials. Space is limited so sign-up today to secure a seat in this highly demanded course.


Day 1 Day 2
9am - 12pm
Training and Labs
9am - 12pm
Training and Labs
12pm - 1pm
Hosted Lunch
12pm - 1pm
Hosted Lunch
1pm - 5pm
Training and Labs
1pm - 3pm
Training and Labs
  3pm - 5pm
Certification Exam


RF Theory

  • Frequency vs Propagation
  • Unlicensed Bands
  • OFDM Spectral Masks
  • Licensed Frequences
  • Decibels in RF Systems
  • Free Space Path Loss
  • EIRP
  • Line of Sight & Fresnel Zones
  • Link Power Budgets
  • Fade Margin



Radio Operation

  • Standard RF Circuit
  • Carrier Signals
  • Radio Sensitivity
  • Radio Selectivity
  • Signal, Noise, & Interference
  • Chains, Data Rates, & MIMO
  • Thermal Noise
  • Channel Flexing
  • airPrism Technology
  • Modulation, EVM, & Data Rates



Antenna Theory

  • What is Gain?
  • Isotropic Radiators
  • Antenna Function
  • Gain, Efficiency, & VSWR
  • Gain, Surface Area, & Directivity
  • Polar Plots
  • MIMO, Polarization, & XPD
  • Types of Antennas
  • Antenna Alignment
  • Downtilt, Lobes, & Nulls


Ubiquiti Protocols and Technologies

  • TDMA & airMAX Protocol
  • 802.11, CSMA/CA, & Indoor
  • Problem of Hidden Node
  • airMAX-AC, airOS 7, 8
  • Traffic Shaping & Burst
  • Scalability vs. Performance
  • airFiber Technology & Protocols
  • airOS Tools & Redundancy
  • Bridged vs. Routed ISP


Ubiquiti Service Providers

  • Link Budget
  • Fresnel Zone
  • Line of Site
  • Link Calculations
  • Link Fine Tuning
  • Fade Margin
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Wireless Security