Tycon Power Systems TPB-5-SOLAR 500mAh Dual Out Dual In Solar Power Bank

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Tycon Power Systems
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Contains Lithium Battery?


  • 5,000mAh Capacity: Typically provides up to two full charges for cell phones.
  • Two Standard 1A USB outputs (includes adapters)
  • Intelligent Charge and Discharge
  • LED state-of-charge indicators, LED flashlight
  • Re-Charges via Solar and USB, so can be charged with the sun or any USB adapter or PC


  • Backup Power for any device that uses USB power like Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Cell Phones, GPS, Bluetooth, Mp3, Mp4 or other digital devices
  • Extend operating hours of devices during long off-grid periods like on airplanes, hiking, camping, cycling, classrooms, etc.
  • Emergency Backup Power for storms or other events where grid power is lost.

5000mAh Dual USB Output, Dual Input, Weatherproof Solar PowerBank, 5.6x3x0.5" 1lb

The TPB-5-SOLAR PowerBank™ utilizes the latest lithium battery technology and microprocessor-controlled charging and discharging to provide backup power for any electronic device that can be charged or powered over USB.

The PowerBank™ comes with a micro-USB adapter for devices like Samsung Galaxy and also an adapter for iPhone. There are two standard USB connectors to enable charging of two devices at the same time. Each port supplies 1Amp USB power.

The PowerBank™ charges through its integrated solar panel or via a standard micro-USB port so it can be re-charged from any device that supplies USB power like a USB wall adapter, USB car adapter, desktop computer, laptop computer, etc. The required adapter connector is included.

The PowerBank™ has convenient features like auto-shutoff, LED state-of-charge indicators, a rugged enclosure and a built-in LED flashlight. The advanced Lithium batteries used provide for long life with many charge/recharge cycles. With typical use the unit will provide over 10 years of reliable service.

The unit is only 5.6” long x 3” wide x 0.5” thick and weighing only 5.5oz. The yellow and black color scheme makes it easy to find. It comes with a carabiner for clipping to a backpack.

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Manufacturer Tycon Power Systems
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Tycon Power Systems TPB-5-SOLAR 500mAh Dual Out Dual In Solar Power Bank

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