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    Robustel B069718 R2010-A-4L 2xSIM 2xEth 9-36VDC WiFi

    Manufacturer: Robustel
    SKU: ROB-B069718
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    *Power Supply Not Included*


    2xSIM, 2xEth, 1xDI, 1xDO, 1xRS232 or 1xRS485 selected by software, 9~36VDC

    The R2010 takes into account the varying budgetary, interface and connectivity requirements of customers to create a simple and cost-competitive networking solution for customers deploying IoT solutions in industrial environments such as water, gas, electricity, factory automation and warehousing.

    The R2010 runs on Robustel’s own Linux based Operating System, RobustOS. Developed entirely in-house, this gives way to a very high standard of technical support and high reliability. Robustel offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow additional customization by using C, C++. It also provides rich Apps to meet fragmented IoT market demands such as:

    Highly flexible hosted VPN service so customers can easily enjoy a “fixed IP Gateway”

    Invaluable failsafe in case of a system failure and runaway data usage

    Smart Reboot
    SMS tool to push roaming SIMs from a non-working to working state

    Smart Roaming
    Provides you with device-assisted intelligent network selection for roaming SIMs to improve performance and reduce risk.

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