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    Robustel B061710 R1511-4L 1xSIM 2xEth 9-36VDC WiFi

    Manufacturer: Robustel
    SKU: ROB-B061710
    Ohio : 0
    Utah : 97
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    * Power Supply Not Included*


    1xSIM, 2xEth, 1xRS485, 9~36VDC

    R1511 Lite-Industrial Dual Ethernet IoT Router.

    The R1511 is a sister product of the R1510 series offering a choice of (3-wire) RS232 or (2-wire) RS485 instead of the Digital Input and Digital Output found on R1510 series.

    This means that RS232 and RS485 devices, including Modbus RTU equipment can connect to the internet directly through the R1511 router. The Ethernet port can be independently configured as WAN, LAN1 or LAN2 and Ethernet port 1 as LAN1 or LAN2.

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