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MikroTik RMA process:

99% of all MikroTik boards that are returned for RMA are found to work properly upon inspection. Please make sure you verify the boards are defective before requesting an RMA. Products that are returned to MikroTik for warranty service and are classified as "No problem found" or when the problem could not be duplicated will generate a MikroTik assessed $50 per board inspection fee and the original product returned at owner's expense.

As a MikroTik Distributor Streakwave Wireless Inc will facilitate warranty returns to the manufacturer but does not provide any additional warranty coverage or exchange service for these products.

To reduce the possibility of the $50 per board "No problem found" inspection fee from being assessed a Technical Support Ticket with supporting documentation as provided by MikroTik will be required before a return authorization can be issued.

The MikroTik support policy and support request instructions are stated at http://www.mikrotik.com/support.html

MikroTik Troubleshooting Tips:

If your router is running an older software version than the latest one which can be downloaded from http://www.mikrotik.com/download.html. Once upgrade to the latest version, then send the supout.rif file made after the upgrade.

If there are problems with a wireless connection.

  1. check that the antenna connector is connected to the 'main' antenna connector
  2. check that all screw connectors are tight
  3. check that there is no water or moisture in the cable and that there has never been water in the cable (replace the cable if needed)
  4. check that the default rate settings for the radio are being used (use '/system reset' as a final resort -- you must be connected to the console or have keyboard and monitor attached to the router)

Some things to check before returning an item:

  • MikroTik: Attempt a factory reset by holding the reset switch down for 10 seconds immediately after powering the device. Check routerboard.com for specific instructions for your particular device.

  • MikroTik: Attempt a NetInstall following the instructions on the MikroTik Wiki at http://wiki.mikrotik.com.

  • MikroTik: Make sure you are accessing the device from the non-PoE port. Many default configurations include firewalls that will make the unit invisible on the ether1 port for multi-port units.

Many RouterOS questions are already answered, please look at:

http://wiki.mikrotik.com - How To and Application Examples
http://www.mikrotik.com/docs/ros/2.9/ - Documentation
http://forum.mikrotik.com - Search the user forum for help