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COAX-SEAL 1/2"x12' per roll - 4 per box
MSRP: $28.00
Price:  $27.45
Item Code: CoaxSeal_105
Weight: 2.00LB
Brands: Coax-Seal
Manufacturers: Coax-Seal
Stock: 75
MFG Part #: Coax-Seal 105
Categories: Universal Mounts / Mounting Accessories


Easily applied, hand-moldable, tacky black plastic mastic, on peel-away paper backing, suitable for waterproofing a wide variety of connections. Adheres to vinyl and PVC outer jackets. Product is non-conductive, non-contaminating and non-toxic, and UV-stable.


Provides a long-lasting, waterproof seal for coaxial cable fittings and many other connections. Use for TV and radio antennas, satellite dishes, CATV, wireless networks, marine electronics, feed lines, radar and microwave installations, and many other applications.

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