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Part # Short Description Image MSRP Price Qty. Avail.
UPS-PL1212-18 UPS Pro 12V, 18Ah Batt, 12V POE UPS-PL1212-18 $259.95 $233.95 Order
UPS-PL1218-18 UPS Pro 12V, 18Ah Batt, 18V POE UPS-PL1218-18 $259.95 $233.95 Order
UPS-PL1248-18 UPS Pro 12V, 18Ah Batt, 48V POE UPS-PL1248-18 $259.95 $233.95 Order
UPS-PL1212-36 UPS Pro 12V, 36Ah Batt, 12V POE UPS-PL1212-36 $319.95 $287.95 Order
UPS-PL1218-36 UPS Pro 12V, 36Ah Batt, 18V POE UPS-PL1218-36 $319.95 $287.95 Order
UPS-PL1224-36 UPS Pro 12V, 36Ah Batt, 24V POE UPS-PL1224-36 $319.95 $287.95 Order
UPS-PL1248-36 UPS Pro 12V, 36Ah Batt, 48V POE UPS-PL1248-36 $319.95 $287.95 Order
UPS-DC1212-9 UPS Pro 12V, 9Ah Batt, 12V POE UPS-DC1212-9 $179.95 $161.95 5
UPS-DC1218-9 UPS Pro 12V, 9Ah Batt, 18V POE UPS-DC1218-9 $179.95 $161.95 Order
UPS-DC1224-9 UPS Pro 12V, 9Ah Batt, 24V POE UPS-DC1224-9 $179.95 $161.95 1
UPS-DC1248-9 UPS Pro 12V, 9Ah Batt, 48V POE UPS-DC1248-9 $179.95 $161.95 Order
UPS-ST12-100 UPS Pro 12VDC 102Ah GEL Batt 144W 1200VA UPS-ST12-100 $959.95 $863.95 Order
UPS-ST12-200 UPS Pro 12VDC 204Ah GEL Batt 144W 2400VA UPS-ST12-200 $1,419.95 $1,277.95 Order
UPS-ST12-50 UPS Pro 12VDC 51Ah GEL Batt, 144W 600VA UPS-ST12-50 $728.95 $656.05 Order
UPSST2424100UBN UPS Pro 24V 104Ah Batt, 24VDC POE UPSST2424100UBN $1,451.95 $1,451.05 Order
UPSST242450UBNT UPS Pro 24V 52Ah Batt, 24VDC POE UPSST242450UBNT $1,009.95 $908.95 Order
UPS-PL1224-18 UPS Pro 24V, 18Ah Batt, 24V POE UPS-PL1224-18 $259.95 $233.95 Order
UPS-ST24-50 UPS Pro 24VDC 51Ah GEL Batt 192W 1200VA UPS-ST24-50 $959.95 $863.95 0
TRUPSPL12UNI10W UPS PRO with solar no batt controller TRUPSPL12UNI10W $273.95 $246.55 5
UPSST24508UBNT UPSPro 192W 1200VA BackupPower 51Ah Batt UPSST24508UBNT $1,129.95 $1,016.95 Order
UPS-ST24-100 UPSPro 192W 2400VA 24VDC UPS-ST24-100 $1,419.95 $1,277.95 Order
UPSST241008UBNT UPSPro 192W 2400VA BackupPower 102AhBatt UPSST241008UBNT $1,579.95 $1,421.95 Order
UPS-ST48-50 UPSPro 288W 2400VA 48VDC Regulated Outpu UPS-ST48-50 $1,419.95 $1,277.95 Order
UPS-PL2424HP-9 UPSPro 60W 200VA 24V 9Ah Solar UPS-PL2424HP-9 $299.95 $269.95 Order
UPS-PL2448HP-9 UPSPro 60W 200VA 48V 9Ah Solar UPS-PL2448HP-9 $299.95 $269.95 Order
UPS-PL2424HP-18 UPSPro 60W 430VA Polycarbonate Enclosure UPS-PL2424HP-18 $349.95 $314.95 Order
UPS-PL2448HP-18 UPSPro 60W 430VA Polycarbonate Enclosure UPS-PL2448HP-18 $349.95 $314.95 Order