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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi-Elite-T3
UniFi Elite Premium Support - Tier 3 1yr

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Ubiquiti Networks
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Warranty and Support

Detailed Description

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What services are included with UniFi Elite?

- Premium phone support with a UniFi expert - available 8-5 PM MST Monday-Friday.
- Advanced RMA shipment - if any device fails, we’ll replace it with shipping at no additional cost. It’s quick and easy to do with Elite.
- Elite licenses can be renewed after year one for extended warranty and continued premium service.

How do I contact for Premium support? Call 866.ELITE85 (866.354.8385). You will be asked to provide your Customer ID.

How do I contact for Advanced RMA shipment?
- Call 866.ELITE85 (866.354.8385). You will be asked to provide your Customer ID.
- Fill the RMA form (https://www.ubnt.com/support/rma/) with our support team.
- We will send you a new device at no additional cost.
- Adopt new device in UniFi Controller, automatically restore settings and statistics.
- Send the defective device back to UBNT.
How do I contact for warranty questions? Send an e-mail to rma@ubnt.com
How can I purchase UniFi Elite licenses? Elite licenses are available with purchase of new devices through Streakwave.

What products are eligible for Elite licenses?

- All 2nd-generation and 3rd-generation UniFi Access Points
- All UniFi Switch Models 
- All UniFi Security Gateway Models
* Tier 1 for products up to $250
* Tier 2 for products between $250 - $500
* Tier 3 for products between $500 - $1000
* Tier 4 for products $1000+

Which version of Controller is required by Elite Device? You have to install UniFi Controller 5.6.27 and enable Cloud Access in Controller Settings to get Elite Support.

How do I check if the purchased Elite device license is activated?

- Install UniFi Controller version 5.6.27 or later
- Make sure you have enabled Cloud Access in your UniFi Controller
- Adopt your device to UniFi Controller
- You will see Elite badge next to your device icon
- You can find license start and end dates in Elite section of Elite Device Property Panel in UniFi Controller

How do I find Customer ID? You can find your Customer ID in Elite section of Elite Device Property Panel in UniFi Controller.
Is UniFi Elite available outside the US? Not currently - we hope to be able to make our Elite service available in more regions in the near future.