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Digital Loggers EPCR5
Ethernet Power Controller w/ LCD

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Digital Loggers
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Power Controllers
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EPCR5 Specification Sheet EPCR5

Detailed Description

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Ethernet Power Controller 5, Datacenter PDU, EPCR5 :

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment. Control servers, routers and industrial machinery via the web! Customize the web pages with your own links. Do it all securely with multi-level password security.  Connect easily via LAN or WiFi. Get secure control through a friendly web interface.

Powerful AutoPing Reboot

Eliminate those 3 AM service calls! The controller automatically "pings" your servers. Enable AutoPing to automatically reboot when a fault is detected. Use Auto-Ping™ to monitor critical network devices 24x7. If a device goes down, the power controller will automatically reboot it.  Locked-up devices are brought back to life instantly.

Remote Power Monitoring

Check up on your important equipment. Monitor voltage and current remotely using four built-in web meters. Eliminate brown-outs, black-outs, blown breakers and power problems.

Reliable, Cost Effective

With over 26,000 units built, these are the most reliable, cost effective power controllers made.

Comes with 64 MB SDRAM and 256 MB flash memory built-in.

Key Features:

  • Control routers, servers, industrial and security equipment, home theater - any AC device!
  • An internal web server gives you control from anywhere in the world. Battery backup keeps you connected even during power outages.
  • Enable Wi-Fi for convenient control from mobile devices.
  • Enable Auto-Ping™ to reboot a router, server, or other device automatically even during network outages.
  • Front panel switches allow immediate control for manual over-ride, lockout, Emergency-OFF and reset. Emergency   OFF includes a lock-out ring. The admin can remotely disable the keypad.
  • User-defined circuit labels and hyperlinks connect multiple units.
  • Digital voltage and current meters monitor power, current, and wattage on both A & B bus. Web pages display power status and kWh usage. Alert programs and power billing utilities are free.
  • Backlit LCD displays status and user-programmable messages.
  • Multi-user logins and SYSLOG reports help manage data centers.
  • Internal audio alarm provides warning alerts.
  • Switch 16 devices on 8 separate circuits directly. Each pair of out-lets connects to one circuit.
  • Two un-switched outlets supply power to “always-on” devices.
  • Two separate power cords on A/B circuits provide a total of 30 Amps (over 3,600 watts!) of power in a 2-U chassis.
  • SSL and multi-user password security provides secure access.
  • 1-U 12-48V, 208-240V and DIN relay models are also available. Dual input automatic transfer switches are optional.
  • Rest assured with proven reliability. Over 200,000 controllers are used worldwide in data centers, industrial, commercial and telecom applications.