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AvaLan Wireless AW-NetDrop
4G Cellular Ethernet Gateway

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AvaLan Wireless
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AW-NetDrop Specification Sheet AW-NetDrop

Detailed Description

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The AW-NetDrop allows you to connect an Ethernet network to the Internet via your choice of 3G or 4G Cellular Service Providers anywhere in the world. Qualcomm GobiTM 3000 technology supports essentially all of the RF bands, standards and protocols in use today. Making a connection is a simple process of contacting your Cellular Service Provider with the hardware address of your Gateway and your choice of payment, then completing the configuration and testing of the link. The AvaLAN AW-NetDrop provides all of the normal functions of an Ethernet router such as firewall, DHCP service, AES encryption, tunneling and port routing.

The AvaLAN AW-NetDrop is packaged in a rugged and weatherproof diecast aluminum enclosure. Energy consumption is low enough to accomodate solar power. The power connection to the AW-NetDrop is via POE (Power Over Ethernet), allowing a single cable connection to the box. It may be equipped with a directional or omnidirectional antenna. The standard omnidirectional antenna works well in most signal areas. An optional directional Yagi with 11 dBi of gain may be used to improve reception in fringe locations.

The AW-NetDrop Gateway is at its best when mounted atop a tall pole with its antenna pointed toward the appropriate cell tower and able to provide a robust and reliable Internet connection in a remote fringe location. Connect your water tower, pumping station, power substation or cabin in the woods and browse to it securely via the Internet and the 2G, 3G or 4G cellular network.