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Teletronics 12-105
900MHz Smartamp, 5W, OD

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900MHz Amplifiers
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12-105 Specification Sheet 12-105

Detailed Description

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12-105 SmartAmp Bi-Directional 900 MHz: 5 Watt

This SmartAmp™ Bi-Directional amplifier is ideal for increasing the range of low power
radio devices and to compensate for cable loss in certain installations.

Designed for extending the range of 900 MHz wireless radio
devices, the SmartAmp™ is particularly effective when used with
Direct Sequence or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio modems. This unit provides transmit power amplification as well
as receive signal gain.

The built-in dynamic power sensor in SmartAmp™ adjusts the
Radio Frequency (RF) power output level by reading the input signal power. This Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Technology, Teletronics' patented technology effectively making the RF amplifiers "Plug & Play" delivers the maximum output power at various input levels while keeping the distortion at a minimum.

Ideal for increasing the range of low power radio devices
and to compensate for cable loss in certain installations.

OEM, Military & Export Version


Technical Specifications


5 Watt

Operating Range:

902 - 928 MHz

Operating Mode:

Bi-directional, TDD

Transmit Gain:

27 dB (can be customized to 33dB)

Frequency Response:

± 0.75 dB over operating range

Output Power:

5 Watt (+36 dBm) nominal

TX Input Power:

up to 20dBm (100mW)

Receiver Gain:

12 dB typical

Noise Figure:

3.5 dB typical

LED Inidicators:



Solid On: Power
and Receiving mode
Off: No Power

Blinking: Transmitting


N-type, female, 50 Ohm

Lightning Protection:

Quarter Wave Technology

DC Surge Protection:


Power Consumption:

<2A @ 15 VDC (100% duty cycle)

Operating Temperature:

Amplifier: -30 °C to + 70 °C
12V DC injector: -30 °C to + 70 °C



Part # Short Description Image MSRP Price
OD9-8 8dBi 900MHz Omni (N Female Pigtail) OD9-8 $109.03 $87.95

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