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Enterprise Wireless LAN or Private Indoor Wireless Networks

Can you imagine not having your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop? These days business goes on wherever you are and all the time. Wireless indoor LAN (WLAN) or enterprise wireless networks (also known as private indoor networks) are the means achieving data, voice, video and other IP uses throughout the business place, residence, retail or public indoor space.

Once inside the building though, often there are obstacles to overcome as the ability to provide specific access to broadband changes with different applications and environments. Indoor radio frequency (RF) signals are impacted and changed by walls, obstacles, other RF devices, and a number of both visible and invisible factors. Solutions for these impediments can be found and a good solutions installed with the right equipment choices including the correct mix for the situation of: WLAN access points (the RF to IP radio used indoor, routers, antennas, controllers, enclosures, cabling and premises wiring, and power options). Solutions can be found in Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX and cellular and sometimes mixes of technologies.

Who uses WLANs? Just about everyone who needs access to broadband for data, voice/VOIP/telephony, video, and/or security. Examples of users are:

  1. Offices and Businesses: From office-to-office, from within a particular part of the building, from the conference room to the break-room broadband is used.
  2. Schools and Higher Education: Whether in the classroom, dormitory, or administrative buildings, there is pretty much nowhere that broadband doesn’t now abound in education.
  3. Residential: Most of us want to blanket our homes (and sometimes our garages, patios and even a shed or two) with access to broadband services.
  4. Commercial and Retail: Stores, retail service facilities, commercial offices, and more, utilize WLAN for communications, purchases, and even offering targeted retail discounts.
  5. Government and Commercial facilities: Offices, departments, agencies, and specific vertical applications indoor (such as military, airport, depot, and more) now offer both public and private WLAN access.
  6. Healthcare and Medical: Doctors offices, clinics, healthcare facilities, even remote medicine now use broadband for all aspects of patient care, communications and even in waiting rooms.
  7. Recreation and Entertainment Venues: Whether a sporting facility or school auditorium, vacation spots or otherwise, recreation now integrates WLAN.
  8. Hospitality: When you are on the move hotels, motels, resorts, and convention centers now offer WLAN broadband access.

Both fixed and mobile devices these days operate with broadband and being able to use your devices from office-to-office, in the conference room, or just about anywhere depends on a good plan and placing the right wireless broadband equipment in the right places to make it a reality.

Some features of WLAN installations are:

  1. Control of AP’s and Routers & Network Interfaces: Integrating one or more access points (AP’s) with your wireless system requires control features, some of which are software based, some are on independent device and others are IP controlled. Placement of AP’s so they integrate well and provide consistent and sufficient signal is also important.
  2. Permissions and Security: Choosing who can do what and which signal is available to whom can be controlled and different systems provide varying degrees of choices for permissions and security access.
  3. Roaming and Seamless Integration of Signal: Some products offer roaming between AP’s, while others do not. Making sure that the equipment you use integrates with your network system and provides delivery of the services you need for your application varies the installation and mix of equipment.
  4. Consistent Delivery: The amount of people and their location will change where to place equipment, how much is needed and the type. In order to deliver consistent signal, the choice of delivery mechanism, power, and knowing the load is vital.
  5. Wireless or Wired Power Choices: How your power your WLAN equipment can also vary from plug-in-the-wall to power-over-Ethernet.
  6. QoS, VOIP and Varied Uses: Utilizing a WLAN for IP video security or surveillance, VOIP or telecommunications, data transfer, Internet access, file transfer and more, having layers of control and being able to partition the available bandwidth are vital so WLAN systems should provide the controls you need.

Streakwave Wireless, Inc. can assist you with your client’s project/application planning and knowing what products will be in demand. Further, Streakwave offers a wide-variety of technology choices from the AP’s to the wiring so you can source products for most needs. Streakwave is your distribution source for WLAN.

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