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    Gamma Electronics TUK-1-BLU Tower Utility Knife Blue

    Manufacturer: Gamma Electronics
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    Utah : 21
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    Tower Utility Knife in Blue

    Remove cold shrink in less than a minute without damaging the cable or connector. Removal of cold shrink tubing with a conventional straight razor or hooked blade can damage the cable sheath and poses a risk of injury to the operator. Gamma’s Tower Utility Knife has a secured blade which protects the cable from cuts and nicks.

    The TUK-1 incorporates a rotatable blade with two separate cutting edges, one straight and one curved to a point. The blade is mounted to a lever-shaped handle and the straight cutting edge is located inside of a blade guard that can be slid between the cold shrink tubing and the cable so that a cut can be made without damage to the cable sheath. This edge is straight so that it can be easily sharpened with commonly available blade sharpeners.

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