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    Digital Loggers USB2T1 T1 PRI Audio Logger

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    This is a T-1 line logger (recorder). It can be easily attached with a USB. Load a CD and record.

    You’ll have complete recording of all traffic on the T1 trunk. Sort, access, email, and retrieve recordings from any PC on the network. Monitor live T1 traffic in real-time. Locate calls instantly using Caller-ID, numbers dialed, DID extension, or DTMF signaling. Use the reverse indexing feature to access internet public phone directories. The caller’s name and address information can be added to your database. everything you need to record is included, even the cables. Just add a Windows PC, and you’re up and running!

    • Installs with a quick, simple connection between the PBX and your server. Any TDM line is supported. The PBX is is unaffected - no PBX programming required.

    • The “T1 Tapper” intercepts audio using a transparent Hi-Z connection. Bulky channel banks are not required. A T1 Tapper unit is included with this kit.

    • Full ISDN PRI Support — Decodes phone numbers from D-Channel signaling. Decodes DID numbers instantly.

    • Data from two T1s can be recorded in half-duplex mode (48 channels). East and West channels of a single T1 can be combined in full-duplex (24 channel) mode.

    • All common T1 and ISDN PRI formats are supported including: SF, ESF, B8Zs, AMI, Japanese CRC, etc.

    • Fractional (FT1) lines are easily supported.

    • Signaling (loopstart, groundstart, etc.) is adjustable

    for each of the 24 individual lines within the T1 trunk.

    • Calls from each line are sorted in separate directories for quick access. Every recording includes a digital signature with time and date stamps for traceability.

    • Automatic disk space management saves room for your most important calls. Old calls can be backed up or optionally deleted to conserve disk space.

    • Level meters show activity on all channels.

    • Call Analysis Software sorts recordings using DTMF signaling. Calls can be easily located using DID trunk numbers, Caller ID, or outbound number dialed.

    • Patented “Internet Reverse Lookup” researches the calling party’s name and address using caller ID.

    • Real Time Player software provides instant recall and live monitoring of any channel from remote network workstations.

    • T1 signaling data can be recorded for test applications.

    • USB plug-and-play with Windows XP, 2008, 2010, 7, 8, 10

    [Laws differ about telephone recordings. Please check for permissible uses in your jurisdiction.]

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