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    BridgeWave FL4G-10K-OMG FL4G-10K Link w/ CAP. & ACM KEY- FCC LIC

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    FL4G-10K Link w/ Capacity Upgrade (5Gbps to 9.7Gbps) & ACM KEY- FCC LIC. Included

    FLEX4G-10000 Base ODU up to 10Gbps, full-duplex LINK, 80GHz, -48 VDC & PoE, 5 port GigE (1xRJ45, 4xSFP), TDM & CPRI Interfaces, upgradeable to 3200 Mbps via software key. 1 year warranty

    The Flex4G-10000 is an E-band (70/80GHz) millimeter wave system that delivers up to 9.7Gbps capacity, 256 bit AES encryption for highest data security, and the highest system gain in the industry to ensure maximum throughput at the longest distances. The Flex4G-10000 offers mobile network operators a much lower cost alternative to fiber in macro/cell backhaul and fronthaul for Centralized Radio Access (C-RAN) networks, supporting up to CPRI Mode 7 (9830.4Mbps), while offering ISPs, enterprises, and government agencies a much lower cost alternative to fiber.

    The all outdoor Flex4G-10000, which operates in the E-band range (71-86GHz) and is already shipping to customers, has been designed to alleviate the strain of backhaul connections by combining advanced radio and modem capabilities with carrier-grade 10G Ethernet, CPRI, and SONET/SDH features. The radio scales from QPSK to 256 QAM, and from 500 MHz to 2000 MHz, allowing the customer to select the optimal combination of range and throughput. The Flex4G-10000 is also easily and cost-effectively scalable to 10Gbps for BridgeWave customers who have installed Flex4G-UHA, Flex4G-3000, or Flex4G-5000 systems, because it is fully compatible with the antennas deployed with those systems.

    • 9.7 Gbps data rate per 1+0 radio
    • 1+0, 1+1 HSB, 2+0 configuration support
    • Adaptive Code Modulation from QPSK though 256QAM
    • 500, 1000, and 2000MHz bandwidth support
    • Highest bit/Hz spectral efficiency at the longest link distances
    • Outstanding RF performance benefiting from highly integrated architecture
    • LDPC FEC providing threshold improvement over other FEC technologies
    • RF channel tuning in 250 MHz steps
    • Automatic Transmit Power Control
    • Zero-footprint ODU with low power consumption and Power-over-Ethernet
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