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    Streakwave Blog

    (Webinar Replay): BridgeWave Product Update on Flex4G-10000 10Gb/20Gb Outdoor Wireless Products
    BridgeWave review on recent updates to their Flex4G-10000 80GHz 10/20Gb product line.
    (Webinar Replay): Grandstream Networks Building WiFi Voice & Video Communication Solutions
    Grandstream Networks webinar to learn more about their WiFi voice and video solutions. Discover how businesses all over the world are starting to implement WiFi-based Grandstream solutions to increase office mobility and make on-going installation and management easier, all while cutting costs.
    (Webinar Replay): BridgeWave Review New Stacked Carrier Feature for Navigator Microwave Radios
    Watch the replay of BridgeWave's 30-minute webinar about the new stacked sub-carrier feature that BridgeWave has announced for their Navigator single core and dual core licensed microwave radios. The Navigator ST single transceiver radio can now deliver up to 1Gbps per radio across a single transceiver and their Navigator DT dual transceiver radio can now deliver up to 2.25 Gbps per radio.
    (Webinar Replay): EnGenius A License-Free Cloud Platform That Works For Your Business
    EnGenius webinar replay about the features and benefits EnGenius Cloud is bringing to market. The EnGenius Cloud solution is a license-free cloud management platform that brings a new way to visualize both wired and wireless networks with advanced management features and capable hardware.
    (Webinar Replay): Yeastar Webinar - VoIP PBX for Multi-scenario Applications
    The VoIP industry is lucrative yet competitive, so how can you grab your share and maximize the profit? The award-winning S-Series VoIP PBX is your solution. This on-premises UC product serves various business needs of 200,000 customers ranging from hospitality, education, healthcare, transportation and more.
    (Webinar Replay): Vertical Industry Solutions with Grandstream
    Grandstream Networks webinar replay to learn how Grandstream supplies all of the products and solutions that any business needs to build a complete unified communications solution. As a result, their solutions can also be designed in a wide variety of ways to best suit any industry. This webinar will show you how to utilize Grandstream's wide-range of products to build the ideal solution for a variety of verticals, including SMBs, enterprises, education, hospitality, warehouses, medical and retail.
    (Webinar Replay): Cambium Networks cnHeat IDENTIFY and Future Features
    Watch the replay of Cambium Networks a live webinar with Dan Sullivan, Director of RF Planning where he addressed the new cnHeat IDENTIFY and future features. CnHeat identifies the buildings in a cnHeat site where RF coverage can be realized at or better than a desired RSSI level.
    (Webinar Replay): Explore Multi-site Deployment Methods Using Grandstream UCM6200 Series IP PBXs
    Watch the replay of Grandstream Networks webinar covering multi-site office deployment using the UCM6200 series.
    (Webinar Replay): Easy On-Premises Network Management with SkyKey
    Watch the replay of the EnGenius webinar about their new simple plug-and-play on-premises network management solution. With SkyKey you can Cloud-enable new and existing networks making them easier to access, monitor and manage up to 100 access points and switches.
    (Webinar Replay): Deploying Fiber-Fast Broadband Just Got Easier with Mimosa by Airspan’s PTMP Solution
    Watch the replay of Mimosa by Airpsan webinar to learn about the A5x Access Point – a compact and powerful access point for short to long-range pole and tower PTMp applications.
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