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    (0) Webinar Follow Up: White Label Networking—A Closer Look at Plasma Cloud's Device to Dashboard Solutions
    Explore the key insights from Streakwave's webinar with Plasma Cloud, highlighting the benefits of white-label solutions for service providers and MSPs. Discover how Plasma Cloud's customizable device to dashboard solutions cater to various sectors including hospitality, retail, and education, offering both unbranded and fully customized options.
    (0) Webinar: Learn About Peraso’s Chips That Power 60GHz Fixed Wireless Access Solutions
    Explore the future of wireless connectivity in Streakwave's exclusive webinar on November 9, 2023. Uncover the transformative potential of Peraso's 60GHz Fixed Wireless Access chips, offering cost-effective, rapid deployment solutions that are set to redefine digital accessibility globally.
    (0) Webinar: Haunted by Power Surges? Applications for Last-Mile Wireless Communications
    Join our upcoming webinar on October 31st at 9 am PDT to learn essential strategies for protecting your computer network from power surges and outages. With the average U.S. electricity customer facing 8 hours of outages annually, including those caused by lightning strikes, the risk to your critical electronics is real. During this enlightening session, our surge protection expert, Jason Mies, from PolyPhaser and Transtector, will share crucial steps to safeguard AC, DC, RF, and data lines in your network. Don't miss this opportunity to fortify your network's resilience and ensure uninterrupted communication. Register now for valuable insights and best practices in network protection.
    Streakwave Webinar Presents: KP Performance Maximizing ROI and Best Practices with High Performance Antennas
    KP Performance Antennas helps Wireless Internet Service Providers maximize ROI with products engineered to exceed industry expectations by delivering superior throughput, greater service coverage, dependable performance, and reduced maintenance costs, while also providing responsive service, expert technical support, and same-day shipping.
    (Webinar Replay): Expand your Business with Grandstream

    Grandstream's GWN series of WLAN access points are not only great for traditional WiFi networks, but they are ideal for creating WiFi-based voice, video, and security communication solutions.

    Watch this webinar replay learn how Grandstream's wide-range of solutions can help increase your service offerings.


    (Webinar Replay): Learn How to Promote your Business with Yeastar
    Yeastar webinar on how VoIP can fit into your wide range of customer demands using Yeastar's VoIP product offerings.
    (Webinar Replay): Gamma Electronics - Weatherproofing of RF Cables

    Gamma Electronics specializes in manufacturing products intended for use between the radio and the antenna, with an emphasis on high-quality cable assembly, cable protection, and cable identification products.

    Webinar to learn about Gamma Electronics, RF Cable, Connector Weatherproofing and discuss in more detail about the following:

    Cold Shrink vs. Tape & Butyl
    Weatherproofing Best Practices
    Cable Assembly Kits


    (Webinar Replay): RF Elements TwistPort Waveguide Connector
    If you are a WISP or already using a Horn Antenna then watch this recording to look behind the scenes at what makes TwistPort Connectors unique and learn everything you need to know about RF Element's TwistPorts.
    (Webinar Replay): Yeastar - Introduction to Linkus Unified Communications App
    An informative introduction on Yeastar's Linkus Unified Communications App, features and a live demo.
    (Webinar Replay): Grandstream - Advanced Call Queue Configuration
    Grandstream Networks webinar covering the configuration and setup of the call queue feature on the UCM. Also, viewing more advanced functions of the call queue to give you additional flexibility on how to manage your call center.
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