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  • Instant Approval
  • Easy and Exclusive Online Training
  • Special Pricing for Demo Units
  • Additional Discounts
  • Access to Technical Resources and Sales Tools

Become an Instant WLAN Partner now! **

Want to sell an industry leading WLAN product without lengthy trainings and complex partner portals? Aruba Networks and Streakwave Wireless have created a new partner program that will help you start selling, INSTANTLY.

Streakwave’s Aruba Instant WLAN Partner Program is fast and easy to join. The program features instant approval, easy and exclusive online training, special pricing for NFR demo units, additional discounts, and access to numerous technical resources and selling tools.

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By requesting to be become a reseller of this brand, you understand and agree that Streakwave will open an account on your behalf that is subject to Streakwave’s Terms and Conditions of sale found here: http://www.streakwave.com/termsconditions.asp .



  • 1. Complete application form
  • 2. Attend our easy and exclusive online training
  • 3. Receive our Virtual Partner Kit and start selling!


  • Instant Approval: No lengthy approval process required
  • Instant Training: Access our easy and exclusive 30 minute online training
  • Instant Demo: Purchase NFR Demo Units at special pricing (about 50% off normal street price)
  • Instant Sales: Partner Kit includes all item information in database friendly CSV / Excel format, along with images, datasheets, and more
  • Instant Savings: Receiving additional discount from Streakwave as an Instant WLAN Partner
  • Instant Access to Resources: Easy to use Technical Resources and Sales Tools

The Instant WLAN Partner Program focuses on Aruba’s products for the small and mid-market.

  • Aruba Instant: Aruba’s portfolio of Access Points that virtualized Aruba’s award winning controllers. Easily deploy enterprise grade wireless networks in minutes. No controllers, no licenses, just plain simple and INSTANT!
  • Aruba AirWave: Aruba’s Multi-Vendor and Multi-Network WLAN management tool.

Streakwave Wireless is the only Aruba Networks distributor focused on wireless technologies, so get started now and let Streakwave’s wireless account managers help you sell enterprise grade wireless networks INSTANTLY.

** North American Partners Only