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Centrally Manage 1000s of Ubiquiti Devices - Loaded with Powerful Features

AirControl is a powerful and intuitive web based server network management application which allows operators to centrally manage entire networks of Ubiqutii devices.

Distinguishing Features

Ubiquiti AirControl at Streakwave

Discover Ubiquiti devices
Discover Ubiquiti devices (access points and stations.) The discovery scan works exactly as found in the existing Ubiquiti discovery tool. In addition, for devices not discovered through scan, there is an option to add a device manually by specifying its IP address or an IP range to scan for devices.

Connect devices, report device status
Devices that are under "management" will periodically report runtime status to the AirControl server, which will monitor status updates.

Firmware update
Devices that are under management can be updated from AirControl. Multiple devices can be updated as a single batch. Firmware images are uploaded by the administrator into AirControl prior to device update.

View runtime status
The main screen allows reporting on any of the runtime attributes from the device in either the device table or the device details view. The output can be customized.

Device Grouping
A device tree provides for easy navigation and device selection. Built-in auto-groupings categorize discovered devices by network ID (ESSID) and firmware version. The device tree can be customized by adding custom device groups ("watch lists"). These can be either static groups or dynamic groups, based on reporting criteria.

Device activity log/history
Reporting of history for specific device in the details area, for the entire system in the log screen and for current activity with the "Live Log" popup. The main screen will also indicate in-progress activity.

Access to UI through web
Server application with access to user interface through web browser (HTTP or HTTPS). Multiple users can access single server, no installation required on client other than the web browser. Broad platform support.

airControl User Guide

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