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    9dot GS-G-POE GS-B PoE Cartridge

    Manufacturer: 9dot
    Ohio : 5
    Utah : 0
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    PoE cartridge for GS-B. 4 Eth. Ports, 150W max per port. For the configuration of each port a GigaKey hardware key is needed.

    Every single port can be configured to handle a different type of injection map, with or without synchronization pulse, The configuration is simple and does not require any information technology skill: just plug the specific electronic Gigakey and the port is configured.

    The Gigasync Base Unit can host up to 3 cartridges. Each cartridge has 4 ports that can be PoE injectors or Power Terminals. The Cartridges can be chosen at the base of the needs and are hot-swappable.

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