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Part # Short Description Image MSRP Price Qty.
12POW Low Power 12v 0.5A Power Supply 12POW $9.00 Order
17-301 PS100-250V AC, 7.5V DC, 1.2 Amps 17-301 $10.00 Order
17-302 Power Supply - 12V @ 8A 17-302 $36.00 Order
17-303 PS100-250V AC, 12V DC, 4.0 Amps 17-303 $30.00 Order
17-304 PS100-250V AC, 9V DC, 1.5 Amps 17-304 $13.00 Order
17-305 PS100-250V AC, 12VDC, 4.0 Amps 17-305 $34.00 Order
17-306 PS100-250V AC, 24V DC, 1 Amps 17-306 $20.00 Order
17-309 48V@1A PS w/ 2.5mm plug 17-309 $20.00 Order
17-310 PS100/250V AC, 48VDC. 0.5A 17-310 $20.00 Order
170446-000 Extra Wall Power Supply for MBR Products 170446-000 $24.99 Order
170452-000 Car charger for 12V Products 170452-000 $24.99 Order
18POW Low power 24V@0.75A power supply 18POW $9.00 Order
24HPOW High power 24V 1.6A Power Supply + power 24HPOW $18.00 Order
48POW Full power 48V 0.7A Power supply + power 48POW $18.00 Order
ACPS120W-02A CMM 100-240 VAC - NO POWER CORD ACPS120W-02A $180.00 Order
ACPS120WA CMM Power Supply - W/ POWER CORD ACPS120WA $200.00 Order
ACPSSW-09B 29.5VDC; USA, EU, & UK Clips ACPSSW-09B $15.00 Order
ACPSSW-13B AC/DC ADAPTOR, WALL 100-240VAC / 29.5VDC ACPSSW-13B $12.00 Order
ACPSSW-15A 56 VDC power supply ACPSSW-15A $35.00 Order
ACPSSW-20A 29.5 VDC Power Supply w Shield Connector ACPSSW-20A $35.00 Order
ACPSSW200-02A Ext Temp Power Supply PTP400 ACPSSW200-02A $300.00 Order
AW-6VPS 6 Volt Power Supply AW-6VPS $10.00 Order
N000000L053A 56 VDC power supply for CMM4 N000000L053A $795.00 Order
N000900L001A Power Supply 1Gbps – 15W, 29.5 VDC N000900L001A $15.00 Order
N000900L002A Power Supply 100Mbps – 15W, 29.5 VDC N000900L002A $12.00 Order
POE-PowerTap POE Power Tap on RJ45 Connector POE-PowerTap $4.50 Order
PS12VUS 12V@1A US Replacement PS for OM2P-US PS12VUS $9.95 Order
PS15V-4 15 Volt 4A Desktop PS PS15V-4 $20.95 Order
PS18V 18 Volt .75A Power supply 100V-240V PS18V $6.50 Order
PS18VUS 18V@.75A US PS for OM2P and APOE02-WM PS18VUS $9.95 Order
PS20VINT 20V@1.2A Intl Universal PS for OM2P PS20VINT $14.95 Order
PS24-1.6 24 Volt 1.6A Power supply PS24-1.6 $13.95 Order
PS24V 24 Volt .5A Power supply PS24V $6.50 Order
PS24V-2.5 24V 2.5A 60W Desktop Power Supply PS24V-2.5 $20.95 Order
PS24V-5.0 24V 5A 120W Desktop Power Supply PS24V-5.0 $35.95 Order
PS48V 48 Volt .375A Power supply PS48V $6.50 Order
PS48V-1.25 48V 1.25A 60W Desktop Power Supply PS48V-1.25 $20.95 Order
PS48V-2.5 48V 2.5A 120W Desktop Power Supply PS48V-2.5 $35.95 Order
PS48V-UBNT-60W Edge Router 48V 60W Optional Desktop PS PS48V-UBNT-60W $39.95 Order
PS9V1.1A 9 Volt 1.1A Power supply PS9V1.1A $12.95 Order
PSHP-18 18V 150W Desktop Power Supply PSHP-18 $84.95 Order
PSHP-18-180 18V 180W Desktop Power Supply PSHP-18-180 $104.95 Order
PSHP-18-180-DIN 18V 180W4 Pin Mini DIN Connector PSHP-18-180-DIN $104.95 Order
PSHP-24-180 24V 180W Desktop Power Supply PSHP-24-180 $104.95 Order
PSHP-24-180-DIN 24V 180W4 Pin Mini DIN Connector PSHP-24-180-DIN $104.95 Order
PSHP-48-180 48V 180W Desktop Power Supply PSHP-48-180 $84.95 Order
PSHP-48-180-DIN 48V 180W4 Pin Mini DIN Connector PSHP-48-180-DIN $104.95 Order
PSHP-56-180 56V 180W Desktop Power Supply PSHP-56-180 $104.95 Order
PSHP-56-180-DIN 56V 180W Power Supply PSHP-56-180-DIN $104.95 Order
PSU1AEU 24V1A Power Supply Unit 0.4m EU PSU1AEU $9.90 Order
PSU1AUS 24V1A Power Supply Unit 0.4m US PSU1AUS $9.90 Order
SGKN4427A US 56 VDC power supply line cord SGKN4427A $5.00 Order
TP-VR-2405 Voltage Regulator 10-32VDC input, 5V 3A TP-VR-2405 $21.95 Order
TP-VR-2405-USB Voltage Reg. 10-32VDC input, 5V 3A USB TP-VR-2405-USB $21.95 Order
TP-VR-2409 Voltage Regulator 12-32VDC input, 9V TP-VR-2409 $21.95 Order
TP-VR-2412 Voltage Regulator 16-32VDC 12V @ 1.25A TP-VR-2412 $21.95 Order
TP-VR-2424 Voltage Regulator 18-36VDC 24V @ 1.25A TP-VR-2424 $32.95 Order
TP-VRHP-2424 Voltage Regulator 18-36VDC input 24V 70W TP-VRHP-2424 $60.95 Order
TP-VRHP-2456 Voltage Regulator 18-36VDC input 56V 70W TP-VRHP-2456 $97.95 Order
TP-VRHP-2456-5 Voltage Regulator 18-36VDC input 250W TP-VRHP-2456-5 $196.95 Order
TP-VRHP-4824 Voltage Regulator 36-72VDC Input 24VDC TP-VRHP-4824 $60.95 Order
TR-24f North American 24V Power Supply Tranzeo TR-24f $19.95 Order
UBNT-EU EU PowerCord UBNT-EU $6.95 $5.95 Order
UBNT-US US PowerCord UBNT-US $6.95 $5.95 Order
VPSU57V1500US Optional US power supply 78 watt budget VPSU57V1500US $99.00 $89.10 Order
VPSU57V800US Optional Powerstar 57V DC VPSU57V800US $54.00 $48.60 Order
VQ-24V-US Quad Power Supply 24VDC VQ-24V-US $31.00 $27.90 Order
VTN-EXTEND Extension Cable 10m (30ft) for GPS Ant. VTN-EXTEND $48.00 $43.20 Order
VTN-TN TIMENET POE GPS Master NTP antenna PSU VTN-TN $948.00 $853.20 Order
WR470-0004 For EUM3000/3, CCU3000, NCL1900 7.5VDC WR470-0004 $45.00 Order
WR470-0007 For NCL5800, NCL5810, NCL5830 24VDC WR470-0007 $95.00 Order
WR470-0008 Inj NCL5800, NCL5810, NCL5830, no cbl WR470-0008 $75.00 Order
WR470-0015 Inj. EUM3006, NCL900, EUM8000, no cbl WR470-0015 $45.00 Order
WR470-0018 POE NCL4900, NCL5805, NCL5815, NCL5835 WR470-0018 $65.00 Order
WR470-0019 PS NCL4900, NCL5805, NCL5815, NCL5835 WR470-0019 $85.00 Order
WR470-0022 Pwr Sup EUM3004/5, 4.2VDC, wall mnt WR470-0022 $30.00 Order