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Part # Short Description Image MSRP Price Qty.
17-901 N Female Connector for LMR400 17-901 $4.99 Order
17-902 N Female Connector for RG58 Cable 17-902 $3.99 Order
17-903 N Male Connector for LMR400 Cable 17-903 $4.99 Order
17-904 N Male Connector for RG58 Cable 17-904 $4.99 Order
17-905 NF to NF Barrel Adapter 17-905 $4.99 Order
17-906 N Male to N Male Barrel Adapter 17-906 $5.99 Order
17-907 SMA RP Male Conn for RG58 Cable 17-907 $3.99 Order
17-908 N Male Conn for LMR600 17-908 $9.99 Order
17-909 N Female Conn for LMR600 17-909 $9.99 Order
17-910 Waterproof RJ-45 Conn 17-910 $9.99 Order
C400-NF N Female to RG8/U, LMR400 Crimp C400-NF $3.95 Order
C400-NM N Male to RG8/U, LMR400 Crimp C400-NM $3.95 Order
C400-RPSMAM RP SMA Male to RG8/U, LMR400 Crimp C400-RPSMAM $3.95 Order
C600-NM N Male Crimp for LMR600 C600-NM $7.95 Order
CBNC58 CONN,BNCM CBNC58 $2.61 Order
CCT213 MISCACC,CT,G-CT, CCT213 $66.63 Order
CMUHF58 N Connector, RG58, Mini UHF Male CMUHF58 $1.78 Order
CN400 CONN,NM, CN400 $7.00 Order
CN58 CONN,NM, CN58 $6.27 Order
CNF58 CONN,NF,RG58 (IP) CNF58 $5.33 Order
CON-RJ45-5E-100 CAT-5E RJ45 Connectors - 100pk CON-RJ45-5E-100 $75.00 $47.50 Order
CON-RJ45-5GEL-1 CAT-5E w/ GEL Connectors - 100pk CON-RJ45-5GEL-1 $75.00 $47.50 Order
CON-RJ45-6-100 CAT-6 RJ45 Connectors - 100pk CON-RJ45-6-100 $119.50 $75.00 Order
CPL9C PL259 UHFM Connector for RG58U CPL9C $3.02 Order
EXC450BN DUCK,EXC, 450-470 MHz EXC450BN $19.91 Order
EZ-600-NMC-2 EZ N-Male Crimp Connector for LMR600 EZ-600-NMC-2 $29.95 Order
RFA-RJ45-100 Shielded RJ45 Connectors - 100pk RFA-RJ45-100 $29.95 Order
RJ45-ECS RJ45 Ethernet Connector System w/ Relief RJ45-ECS $6.15 Order
RJ45-ECS-4 RJ45 ECS 4" Ethernet Connector w/ Relief RJ45-ECS-4 $7.17 Order
RJ45-ECS-4-NR RJ45 ECS 4" Lead No Relief RJ45-ECS-4-NR $7.33 Order
RJ45-ECS-6 RJ45 Custom ECS 6" Lead RJ45-ECS-6 $7.33 Order
RJ45-ECS-6-NR RJ45 Custom ECS 6" Lead No Relief RJ45-ECS-6-NR $7.33 Order
RJ45-ECS-NR RJ45 Ethernet Connector System No Relief RJ45-ECS-NR $6.15 Order
RJ45-FT RJ45 Field Instal. Feed Thru (1ea=10pk) RJ45-FT $8.07 Order
TC-Con-100 Tough Cable Connectors 100pc bag TC-Con-100 $52.00 Order
TC-GRD Grounded Ethernet Connector 1000PC TC-GRD $750.00 Order
TC-GRD-20 Grounded Ethernet Connector 20PC TC-GRD-20 $24.95 Order